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Ministry of Social Solidarity

Since its establishment in 1939, the Ministry of Social Affairs provides services for Egyptian citizens through a set of programs and projects ultimately aiming at creating a strong society capable of making life on Egypt's land.

Since the early eighties, the social responsibilities of the state have increased, especially towards the under-privileged and low-income brackets. At present, Egypt's social map has changed and the private sector became an efficient partner with the public sector and the civil society in promoting the economic activity. Concomitantly, the state's role has developed from direct interference to supervision, guidance and follow-up.  

Egypt, now, is on the threshold of a new social decade, reflecting new intellectual orientations that cope with the age developments, a new decade that represents an integrated program that mainly aims at protecting citizens' social freedoms and rights and enhancing the efficient participation between the state and different sectors within the framework of transparency. This could be attained through raising economic growth rate, providing more job opportunities and presenting direct subsidy to the under-privileged and low-income brackets.

In December 2005, a new ministry of social solidarity was established, taking the competences of supply and social affairs ministries; while social insurance affairs became under the competency of the Ministry of Finance.

The Ministry of Social Solidarity aims at:
- Decreasing the number of poor families at a rate of 50% by the advent of 2015.
- Meeting the needs of families and citizens at an increasing rate targeted to reach 85%
- Increasing the participation of the civil society and the private sector to reach 80%.

The Egyptian Medical Students’ Association is therefore a legally recognized Non-Governomental Organization as defined by the law. The integral version of the Egyptian Law for Non-Governomental Organizations can be found by visiting the Egyptian Ministerial Portal or by clicking here.


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